American Alarm & Security Systems Inc.

Home Security & Home Audio Installations in Huntsville Metro Area

American Alarm & Security Systems Inc. specializes in providing excellent security solutions. We are a team of experienced staff and take the extra mile to ensure safety.

Our team of professionals takes pride in offering quality security services at pocket-friendly rates.

Home Security

Home security is essential now more than ever. It protects your home, the items you hold within it, and also your loved ones. These days home security systems have remote monitoring facilities.

You will get alerted right away if an intruder is trying to make his way into your home, or a disastrous event is happening like a fire.

American Alarm & Security Systems Inc.
American Alarm & Security Systems Inc.

Camera Surveillance

Whether you want night vision IR, motion sensing, remote control from your phone, or all of the above, you can get details instantly with a camera surveillance system.

We have multiple options that are sure to give you what you need.

In-Home Vacuum Systems

Hide-A-Hose technology helps in keeping your home clean more effortless than ever. You do not need to carry a bulky hose around the house or a heavy vacuum cleaner.

At American Alarm & Security Systems Inc., we are equipped to install a central vacuum system in your home with a retractable hose that you won't have to carry around the entire house. The hoses available can cover up to 2300 square ft each, which reduces the number of inlets needed to the vacuum system. This convenient technology is revolutionary.

American Alarm & Security Systems Inc.
American Alarm & Security Systems Inc.

Smart Home Setup

Having smart home capabilities may seem like daunting tasks. Our technicians are well-trained to help you find the solutions you need without any stress.

We offer different options based on your needs, and once you finalize, we take the hassle of installation.

Home Theater

Watching your favorite game on a 100" HD projector with surround sound is an excellent experience. If you are not sure where to keep it, our professionals can help you assess all your options to find the perfect spot in your house to mount the home theatre system.

American Alarm & Security Systems Inc.
American Alarm & Security Systems Inc.

Home Audio

Home audio systems are for you if you are looking to host a backyard block party or just enjoy your favorite playlist in the comfort of your home.

If you are a music lover, we can create a custom setup to satisfy all your musical preferences.

Panic Buttons/Watches

We offer mounted push buttons, neck lanyards, wristwatches, and smartwatches with GPS tracking.

Whether protecting a business or a loved one, we can put your mind at ease, knowing help is only a push away.

American Alarm & Security Systems Inc.
American Alarm & Security Systems Inc.

Access Control

By employing an access control system, you can control who enters your home or office and improve safety.

We can set your key with multiple arrays of the sort.

  • Numerical code
  • Wireless fob
  • Key card
  • Motion sensor
  • Thumbprint